Value from values.

As a specialized asset manager, we focus on sustainable and meaningful real estate projects with added value for society
We help investors to make relevant investments that reflect
​​​​​​​the demographic changes in today's society.
​​​​​​​To fulfill our mission, we connect business and people, innovation and security, investment and and sustainability.
Peter Finkbeiner, CEO

From concept to success.

Global markets are constantly changing. In order to evaluate and implement innovations and realize investments safely and sustainably, it’s not just local expertise that’s required.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio includes care and residential properties, daycare centers and micro-apartments. They all represent assets that adapt to the needs of a society in constant demographic change.

Primonial REIM Germany
Chain of Values

We support our clients at all stages of their real estate investment - from market analysis and strategy development to ongoing process support.
​​​​​​​And we do this with a great deal of experience, extensive market knowledge and a lot of passion.


  •  Preparation of a business case
  •  Planning of investment objects
  •  Financing planning
  •  Calculation of income and profit
  • Preparation and review of sales documents
  • Establishment of subfunds / preparation and review of sales documents


  • Liquidity planning
  • Sale of the objects
  • Repayments to customers
  • Customer information supply


  • Marketing and communication
  • Capital raising incl. placement phase
  • Customer information supply
  • Debt capital procurement
  • Acquisition of properties: Market analysis and property valuation


  • Generating rental and leasing income
  • Measures to enhance the value of the portfolio
  • Management of the properties
  • Distributions according to PPM
  • Customer information supply

Primonial REIM

Primonial REIM invests across Europe in all countries and in all asset classes —whether office or retail, residential or hospitality, healthcare or education. Our local presence, with operational teams in each location, makes it easier for us to identify the best opportunities and oversee on-site management.

​​​​​​​When choosing locations, we look for high potential. This is because we have one goal: to make excellent investments by forging long-term relationships with our partners.


Socially relevant investments.
Why it is a win-win for many?

We have our sights set on social infrastructure.
And your return on investment.

The letters ESG often appear in connection with socially sustainable investments. The abbreviation stands for Environment, Social and Governance - for environment, social and sustainable corporate governance.

​​​​​​​ESG is considered the standard for sustainable investments. At Primonial REIM Germany, we focus on the S, the social. On social commitment.
Mobility to work and relocation bring new demands for family-friendly living and small housing spaces. In light of this upheaval, the vision of counteracting the impending undersupply in social infrastructure emerged more than 10 years ago.

​​​​​​​By means of various theme funds, we want to close the supply gap and strengthen social infrastructure.
​​​​​​​Our goal is to improve the quality of social interaction itself.
Peter Finkbeiner
Chief Executive Officer
Ralf Otzen
Chief Financial Officer