About us

Our unique selling point is the expertise and long-standing experience of our proven real estate professionals, as well as the commitment and motivation of our support functions.
Peter Finkbeiner, CEO Primonial REIM Germany

About the pan-European real estate platform Primonial REIM

Primonial REIM advises on the development, structuring and management of a broad range of real estate investments in Germany that match the risk profiles and strategies of our institutional investors and generate sustainable returns.

Through our affiliation with the pan-European real estate platform Primonial REIM, investors also benefit from the in-depth market knowledge of our local specialists in European core markets beyond Germany. We have European expertise in all asset classes: Office, Healthcare, Education, Commercial, Residential and Hotels.

Allocation of investment volume by asset class

Our expertise in Germany

Primonial REIM in Germany focuses in particular on the asset classes healthcare real estate, offices and residential.


Healthcare real estate offers investors long-term investment opportunities independent of the economic cycle.

Due to the increasingly aging population, healthcare real estate also represents a socially sensible investment with added value.



Residential is an essential asset class whose demand continues to grow due to immigration, demographic trends and changing lifestyles.

We invest specificially in residential buildings in metropolitan areas with a strong rental demand.


Despite the rise of mobile working, we expect demand for office space in central and attractive locations to remain high. We manage investments in core/core+ office properties in the most established markets that benefit from central locations, a broad range of services, ESG efficiencies, and the opportunity to implement value-enhancing measures.

We go for green

Due to our corporate philosophy and our associated fundamentally sustainable investment approach, the three ESG dimensions of ecology, sozial and governance play a significant role in our daily investment decisions.

The transparency and measurability of our set ESG criteria is an important matter of concern to us. We therefore deliberately set ourselves ambitious, but also operationally feasible targets against which we can be measured and on which we report transparently.

Our USP is our team

Our expertise is the exceptional long-standing experience and qualification of our team in private equity, real estate management and consulting, commercial real estate brokerage, civil engineering and reporting.

Assets such as healthcare facilities (clinics, senior residences, assisted living), office buildings or residential units require experienced managers who know intimately how to work with tenants and the specific dynamics associated with each asset class. For this reason, we have dedicated specialists for each asset class who have an intimate knowledge of the dynamics of their sector and the practices common in the various European markets.

The macro- and micro-economic analyses of our research team support our real estate decisions. 

Our multinational presence in key markets and the use of synergies within our European team allow us to offer investors attractive real estate investments across Europe on a country-specific basis.