Offices – an important Asset Class in our European investment strategy


Our expertise

  • Specialized team with longstanding experience and a proven track record
  • Primonial REIM is a European key player in the office real estate market since 2012

managed office assets


Billion Euro assets under management in office real estate

Our Office-to-ESG strategy

Our approach for office buildings aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from existing buildings located in Germany. As high CO2 emissions are avoided ("embodied carbon") when optimizing existing buildings compared to new buildings, the climate targets in the office real estate sector can be achieved in a targeted and efficient manner in this way. By focusing on cost-efficient refurbishment measures such as heating optimization, installation of intelligent measurement and control systems, electrification of the heating system and installation of PV systems, the highest CO2 savings per invested Euro can be generated.

With over 15.3 billion Euros in assets under management, we are a European office real estate expert with a long-standing track record.

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Why invest in office real estate?

Despite a currently challenging macro environment and home office debates current figures (Riwis) indicate that demand for office space is expected to remain high. However, this is expected to be more concentrated in centrally located buildings with lower CO2 emissions and active asset management. In particular, the top 7 cities in Germany are preferred office locations and continue to offer workers the social environment and cultural offerings that the home office cannot. The polycentric structure of the German office market allows for broad regional and sector diversification opportunities without compromising on the location and building quality of individual assets. 

Despite higher availability of properties in the top 7 cities in Germany, offices in secondary cities are suitable as an attractive portfolio addition for risk diversification.

Our ESG toolkit for achieving climate targets

Our ESG strategy for the German office sector is aligned with Primonial REIM's sustainability goals and aims to combine profitability with usability and energy efficiency. In doing so, our ESG measures relate to the entire life cycle of a property with the aim of maintaining its usability and extending its service life.

  • Decarbonization of the existing portfolio along the CRREM path and extension of the life of the respective property
  • Working closely with tenants to reduce energy consumption, e.g., by providing information and digital tools
  • Digitizing buildings by installing smart meters and thermostats
  • Optimization and electrification of existing heating systems by installing heat pumps or replacing oil/gas heating with district heating
  • Solarization: installation of PV systems on buildings, where technically possible
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CRREM stands for Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (crrem.eu). The CRREM tool was developed by an international consortium funded by the European Union. The main partners were the Institute of Real Estate Economics (IIÖ) and GRESB.
The CRREM tool can be used to monitor the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of individual buildings or portfolios. The CRREM tool uses country- and asset class-specific pathways to achieve the Paris climate targets as a benchmark.