Socially sustainable investments


Why there is a win-win for many

Creating value with values and strengthening social infrastructure.

The letters ESG often appear in connection with socially sustainable investments. But what does ESG actually mean? The acronym stands for Environment, Social and Governance — that is, environmental, social and sustainable corporate governance. ESG is considered the standard for sustainable investment and therefore also for our investment funds. As a real estate investment company, we at Primonial REIM focus on the S, the social, on social commitment. Because our long-term goal is to improve the quality of social interaction.

​​​​​​​Nowadays, sustainability is omnipresent. Whether it is in the media, at work, at home and among friends - more and more people are actively incorporating the topic into their way of life. They strive to perform actions that protect ecosystems and living beings from harm and thus hand the world worth living in over to future generations.

Socially important, ecologically optimized and intergenerationally justifiable projects are the key to a responsible financial landscape.

Their foundation is long-term, sensible investments in well thought-out real estate properties.
"We make a substantive contribution to the sustainable conversion of Real Estate Investments."
Juergen Fenk, CEO,  Primonial REIM

Our holistic ESG approach

The ESG framework is an established standard in the financial market. It helps investors to make investment decisions based on environmental, social and good governance criteria and thus to act in a sustainable manner.


  • Climate protection
  • Energy efficiency
  • Resource conservation
  • Environmental management


  • Equal opportunities and fair working conditions
  • Health and safety
  • User comfort
  • Social compatibility


  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate values
  • Risk management
  • Compliance and transparency

Our vision of sustainability

  • We are thought leaders in social infrastructure investment.
  •  We have anchored the topic of sustainability strategically at the corporate level and have defined corresponding processes as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • We offer our clients innovative product solutions with ESG impact.
  • All new investments are made on the basis of defined sustainability criteria, which we continuously review and expand.
  • We have identified clear targets for improving the sustainability performance of our portfolio. We regularly measure their degree of achievement.
  • We have established a comprehensive internal and external reporting system on the subject of sustainability in the company.
  • We regularly have our sustainability performance analyzed by specialized rating agencies and have them show us where there is room for improvement.
  • We comply with all relevant regulatory requirements and anticipate future changes in the regulatory environment at an early stage.

The issue of sustainability is anchored at the highest strategic level of our company. Its importance is clearly communicated. ​​​​​​​

We respond to a multitude of new requirements with pragmatic solutions and continue to develop.

Our four building blocks for mutual success

As a real estate professionals and proactive asset managers, we’re available to investors in all performance phases of an investment. We also support our clients with concrete solutions to achieve their goals.

Unleashing Impact

We make ESG tangible for the social infrastructure sector and develop innovative products in the area of “ESG Impact.

Realigning investment strategies

We define clear ESG criteria for all new investments and apply them in our acquisition processes.

Understanding our portfolio

We measure the ESG performance of our portfolio properties, and define reduction
and sustainability targets.

Creating transparency

We disclose our ESG activities and provide information on our progress against the targets we have set

Our responsibility
​​​​​​​and how we aim to assume it

By supporting the "Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk" (German Work for Children's Aid), we support Germany's well-known foundation in its consistent work on the "Playground Initiative".

​​​​​​​Its main focus is to  renew playgrounds in socially disadvantaged cities and their suburbs, by securing and providing them with sustainable equipment for children.
​​​​​​​Our teams in Frankfurt and Hamburg are proud to contribute to the success of DKHW hands-on whenever they can!

​​​​​​Why we like to support in practice as well? Anyone working for children's rights and against child poverty - permanent staff and freelance employees, the children and youth advisory board, prominent ambassadors, the volunteers, the nationwide contact points and, of course, the donors - they will tell you all the same: